Our Story

betstamp is the best sports betting utility in market, designed to help bettors increase their profits and easily manage their process. Users cannot wager directly through the betstamp platform, but betstamp aids users in determining what to bet on, where to bet it, and how to track it.

betstamp also features the first ever verified peer-to-peer marketplace, where any user can buy or sell sports betting predictions (picks). The app ensures that each individual pick sellers’ betting history is fully verified and cannot be manipulated for the purposes of misleading a pick buyer.

The company was founded in 2020 by co-founders Johnny and Julian with the intention of building an application that met their own day-to-day betting needs. In April of 2021, Rob Pizzola joined as a co-owner, as the company continued its expansion. Backed by an executive team with experience betting on sports as their professions, combined with experience in product, marketing and software development at Fortune 500 leaders, the team is equipped to forecast industry trends and understand what bettors need and want.

Our Mission

betstamp is dedicated to serving all types of bettors, whether that be a recreational bettor, a sharp bettor, or the in-between bettor. betstamp’s founding team has years of experience in each of the bettor segments and is committed to helping users better work to solve the following problems:

  • Saving money and time by comparing different sportsbook odds and finding the best available price.
  • Identifying strengths and weaknesses in their betting history to help improve their process and increase profits.
  • Find useful connections and partnerships with other bettors through a trusted medium.
  • betstamp is focused on education and improvement, rather than pure entertainment to generate clicks.

Join Our Team!

At betstamp, we are looking to establish a brand that is viewed as authentic and trustworthy in the sports betting space. As a company that is growing quickly, we are looking to hire creative people who are knowledgeable in the sports betting space to join a rapidly evolving team.