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CFL Picks: June 16

By Mitchell Blair

So the good news is I picked all four winners in the CFL on opening week, but two of those teams did not cover so I only cashed in on two investment opportunities.  The opening week brought us two fairly decent games that went right down to the wire, a third game that was as boring as you know what through 2 ½ quarters, and another game which was just downright nasty.  

In the league’s infinite wisdom, we have a back-to-back happening as Winnipeg is in Ottawa.  It baffles me as to how in a nine-team league we have back-to-back games.  That shouldn’t happen until the first two weeks of September when you get the Argos-Ticats, Bombers-Riders and Stamps-Elks rivalries heat up but aside from that you shouldn’t be having back-to-backs.  I’ll get down off my soapbox now and start my Week 2 preview. 

After having the opening week bye, we will get our first look at the Toronto Argonauts Thursday night.  The Argos, who finished first in the East last year, should be better this year with the addition of Andrew Harris, who I think should be playing with some motivation after the way things ended in Winnipeg, and defensive lineman Jagared Davis who has made playing in the Grey Cup a habit over the last few years.   They meet a Montreal team who hung with Calgary last week, but couldn’t get it done in the end.

The Alouettes don’t have William Stanback which means they have to rely a little more on Vernon Adams. Jeshrun Antwi filled in well for Stanback, but this is no ordinary player we are talking about here. Losing Stanback means the Alouettes will  have to reshape their offensive philosophy as they deal without the league’s top running back.  The Argos are favoured to win this game and they should be. I actually thought the line would be a little bigger than 3.5.  If it was 5.5 or 6.5, this would be a tougher decision, but Toronto should win this one going away.  

PICK:  Toronto at (-3.5) at -104 on Bet99

After struggling to beat Ottawa last week in their home opener, the Bombers are in Ottawa to face the REDBLACKS.  Ottawa was a 9.5 point underdog last week and this week they are a 2.5 point underdog.  Is playing at home really worth a converted touchdown for Ottawa and did their performance make some think they can hang with the Bombers two weeks in a row and maybe beat them.  Yes, Ottawa is better than last year and yes, Winnipeg is not as strong as last year but I can’t see Ottawa getting a split in this home-and-home, give me the Bombers at -2.5 

PICK: Winnipeg at (-2.5) at -118 on Coolbet 

After squeaking past the Alouettes, Calgary heads East for a game in Hamilton.  This should be the best game of the weekend.  The Stampeders usually don’t have a lot of success when they head to the Hammer for whatever reason.   The Ti-Cats offence struggled against a very good Saskatchewan defence and while Calgary’s D isn’t as good as what the Riders have, they are close.  One has to think after allowing eight sacks to the Riders in the Week 1 loss, that the offensive line was a little embarrassed and have something to prove. I also think Hamilton is too good to start a season at 0-2 with one of those games. 

PICK: Hamilton at -118 on Coolbet

The Riders finish Week 2 with a game against their old head coach and general manager Chris Jones. I said last week that Jones’ first year in his return to Edmonton.  Saskatchewan won’t get 59 on Edmonton like BC did, but they will beat the Elks and beat them handily.  

PICK: Saskatchewan (-7.5) at -108 on Bet99 

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