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Picks of the Day for Formula One: July 1-3

By Stefan Luciani

Okay so it's probably best we take a breather from some baseball picks because MAN luck has not been in our favour lately. But sometimes that’s all you need is some time to clear your head so you can see the future better and just know exactly what bets are going to hit and what bets aren’t. So, we’re going to mix it up a bit and dabble in some Formula One again. 

The 2022 British Grand Prix takes place this weekend and the anticipation is high. Silverstone has been known for creating some absolute classics over the years including last year’s frenzy which saw that massive coming together between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen. If that wasn’t enough, we come into this weekend on the heels of quite the controversy surrounding a racist comment from former champion Nelson Piquet Sr. about Lewis Hamilton, following last year’s race. Oh yeah, and Verstappen just happens to be dating Piquet’s daughter Kelly which makes it just a little spicier. 

Taking a note right out of the Dodgers Hollywood drama book. But we’re not here to talk about drama, we’re here to talk about racing, and how to make some money. So, let’s start with qualifying. 

Now I know I took this one last time out in Montreal, but at the time, qualifying looked to be a clear weather report, and I’m blaming the loss on the rain. Lucky for us, there should be no rain for qualifying tomorrow at Silverstone as the radar looks very clear. I think Charles Leclerc is going to take pole, and I think he should do it fairly comfortably. Silverstone has very similar characteristics to Spain, and Leclerc absolutely dominated there until his engine failure while leading the race. 

But Red Bull have been getting quicker, especially over one lap. They’ve shown up this weekend with some upgrades to their engine cover, and Ferrari have got nothing. So, I do still think Leclerc gets it, but the winning margin will be between one and two and a half tenths. We’re sticking with it folks.

Pick: British GP Qualifying Margin 0.1-.25s @ +250 (Betway)

Now because of how shocking Ferrari’s race day strategy has been, despite Leclerc being the heavy favorite for pole, Verstappen is still favoured to take the race @ +100. No sir! Not this time. I think for the first time in weeks, Ferrari are just going to get it right. It’s going to be a clean race, clean pit stops, proper strategy defence against an aggressive Red Bull team, and Leclerc's first win since way back in Melbourne (I know, ridiculous).

Pick: British GP Race Winner - Charles Leclerc @ +200 (Betway)

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