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What is betstamp?

betstamp is the best sports betting aid app, designed to help bettors increase their profits and manage their process easier. betstamp provides real-time bet tracking, bet analysis, odds comparison and the ability to follow your friends or favorite handicappers.

Can I place real money wagers on the betstamp app?

No. betstamp is best used to help you determine what you should bet on, where you should bet it, and how you should track it. In all cases, you will still need to visit your sportsbook’s site or physical location to place a real money wager.

Why would I track my bets on betstamp?
  • See which sportsbook has the best odds before you bet
  • Easiest way to follow your bets all in one place. Live scores and odds
  • Auto-grading of your bets once the game is complete Keep real records
  • Keep real records and conduct analysis on your betting history
  • Manage your sportsbook balances with our custom accounting software
  • Build credibility by verifying your betting record
What is betstamp Marketplace?
  • A peer-to-peer market where anybody can buy or sell picks
  • View other user’s verified betting history and conduct analysis on their picks
  • Determine who's bets you should follow or tail

Using betstamp to Track Bets

How do I track a bet?

To track a bet, visit the games tab (far left tab) and click on any game. Here you can view the aggregated odds from all supported sportsbooks and click to track the bet.

What leagues are supported?

For these sports, betstamp will automatically verify bets, grade bets after competition, and track hundreds of metrics including closing line value.
More leagues will be added soon including EPL, PGA, and E-sports

Can I track futures bets?

Yes. Track futures bets the same way you would track a custom bet (above). If you would like to keep all futures bets sorted then use the tag function and tag the bet as a future.

Can I track prop bets?

Yes. All main game prop and player prop bets are supported and can be found in the games screen. At this time, we do not aggregate prop bets from multiple Sportsbooks, instead we use a consensus line.

Can I track live bets?

Yes. During the games, live bets can be tracked and verified at our consensus live line (shown when you click on a game). After the game, you can track live bets in the game screen by checking the box "Track as Live Bet". Live bets don't count towards your public record, ROI, or CLV, but do show up on your public profile.

What happens when I add a tag to my bet?

When tracking a bet, you can add a custom tag to classify this bet as something that you may want to research in a future analysis. By tagging all bets as “future” bets then you will later be able to track your record on future bets in your analysis screen.

Can I track a parlay or a teaser?

Yes. Under the games screen, click multiple games to add them to your betslip. Next click into the betslip and tap "Parlay"
Teaser bets can also be tracked, however cannot be verified.

How do I track a bet that I have “cashed out” of at my sportsbook?

In order to accurately reflect a cash out in your records, you can manually edit the bet by clicking on it in the my picks screen. To reflect a cash out, change the win amount to the amount you have received for cashing out, and change the bet outcome to a Win. If you would like to keep track of all of the bets you have cashed out, you can also add a tag to classify this as a cash out.

What do I do if I forgot to put the bet in and now the game started?

Simply track the bet after the game has started. Unfortunately, this bet will not be verified and will not show up in your public profile, but it will still be visible in your personal betting history.

What sportsbooks are supported?

To view the list of supported Sportsbooks, or to edit which Sportsbooks you would like to show odds from, head over to the settings tab and add or delete Sportsbooks. We are constantly working to add more Sportsbooks, if there is one we are missing that you frequently use, feel free to let us know at View our tutorial on setting your sportsbook settings here

Who can see the bets I track on betstamp?
  • If you select to keep your profile private, then only you will be able to see your betting history. This includes both your verified record as well as your unverified record.
  • If you select to make your profile public, any user will be able to search your profile and see a detailed record of your verified picks. They will not be able to see your unverified record or any picks tracked on non-supported sports, sportsbooks, or bet types.

View our tutorial on your profile settings here

betstamp Marketplace

Can I view free picks on betstamp?

Yes. You can analyze the betting history of any public user. If the user has posted a pick package for sale, then you will not be able to view their pending bets without buying their picks first. If a user does not have a package posted you can view their picks.

Can I view free picks on betstamp?

Yes. You can analyze the betting history of any public user. If the user has posted a pick package for sale, then you will not be able to view their pending bets without buying their picks first. If a user does not have a package posted you can view their picks.

Can I get notified when somebody I follow tracks a bet?

Yes. When you follow somebody, by default you will be notified when they track a bet. If you would like to change this setting, click on your following tab under your profile. Here you will see the list of people who you follow. Click the notification bell to toggle on/off push notifications.

How do I know who is a successful bettor?

The best way to determine if somebody is a successful bettor is to analyze their betting record on betstamp. Conduct the same analysis you do for your own betting record on their history. Use this to determine who is a successful bettor based on your own metrics.

Why do some users have a lock beside their pending bets?

These users have posted a package and hid their picks behind a paywall. You can unlock this content by paying the specified price.

What happens when I pay for somebody’s picks?

Once you buy a user’s package, you will unlock their profile and you will be able to view their pending bets instantly. You will also be able to see all future bets and will receive push notifications to your phone any time they bet.

How do I pay for somebody’s picks?

Users can pay for picks with credit card via a reputable third party processor that we have partnered with.

Can I get a refund if I am not satisfied?

Users will be given a refund if a user has not posted any picks over the duration of the subscription. Unfortunately, we can’t give refunds if you are unsatisfied with a user’s picks.

Tracked Media Picks

What is the Media Picks section?

The media picks section tracks sports betting picks given out on various platforms including tv shows, podcasts, articles etc. These picks are tracked manually by the betstamp community and are updated as quickly as possible. If you want to join the community, think you can help, or if you have any requests for media personalities that you feel should be tracked, email us at or DM us on twitter @betstamp

Why track media picks?

Transparency and Accountability. If you give out picks publicly, even for free, there needs to be a certain standard of tracking and accountability. betstamp guarantees accuracy and transparency in the reporting of the bets. Any media member or personality that is being 3rd party tracked on betstamp is invited to create an account and track their own lines through our line verification software.

How are these picks being tracked?

The picks are tracked by members of the betstamp community and added manually as close to release as possible. Each media account is tracked with different specifications based on the content provided and the way the picks are given out. In the description of each account, you can find specific details on what is being tracked and the way it is being accounted. If you want to join the community, think you can help, or if you have any requests for media personalities that you feel should be tracked mail or DM us on twitter @betstamp

Other Settings

How do I change my push notification settings?

Click “Push Notifications” in the settings tab. At this time, you can receive push notifications for new followers, new package subscribers, and when your bets are graded.

What are Default Odds?

Default odds allow you to choose the way you will be able to view your odds in the app. You can choose between standard American Odds or Decimal Odds. Read a little more about this here

What is my Default Bet Size?

Default bet size is the amount that will auto populate in the picks screen when you go to track a bet. You should set this number to your standard unit size for faster and easier tracking of bets. Read a little more about this here

How do I add or edit my Sportsbooks?

My Sportsbooks under the settings tab can be used to view and edit all of the sportsbooks that you wish to view odds for. View the tutorial on how to add and edit sportsbooks here

Can I track a bet if I don’t have any of the Sportsbooks that are supported?

You can add a custom sportsbook in the settings tab under sportsbooks. If you are using a custom sportsbook, your bet will not be verified. However, this can still be valuable as you can still keep a clean accounting record for all of your sportsbook accounts.

What is my primary Sportsbook?

Adding a primary Sportsbook will allow you to see odds from this Sportsbook at the top of the screen. This will also be the first Sportsbook that pops up when you log a parlay, teaser, or prop bet. To make a Sportsbook your primary, just tap and hold the sportsbook in the my books setting and drag it to the top of the list. You can change your primary book at any time.

What is “additional” under Sportsbooks in the settings page?

The additional function allows you to choose which Sportsbooks will be displayed under the best available in the games screen. You can choose to display all sportsbooks that we support by clicking “All”, or just the sportsbooks that accept players from your region or state by selecting “State”.

What is “best available” under Sportsbook in the settings page?

The best available function allows you to customize how the best available odds are populated in the games screen. You can choose to display the best available odds from All books, from the books in your region/state, or the books you have selected in the “My Sportsbooks” tab.