Use betstamp to shop the futures YOU want to bet for the NFL season

Futures for Expanded Markets now LIVE on betstamp!

We are proud to announce that NFL Futures, among other leagues, are now LIVE and verifiable on the betstamp app! We know that many users have been eagerly waiting for this tool and we are excited to share with you all, as our app continues to grow and improve. Let’s talk about the use case of a futures comparison tool and how it can make YOU money over the long term.

As we know, sports betting is LIVE in Ontario and there is no shortage of books to choose from. The first step to becoming a profitable NFL bettor in 2022 is by opening as many sportsbooks as possible. You don’t even have to fund them all! But it is important to understand the importance of getting the best price and reducing synthetic hold.

Take the Philly Eagles to win the Super Bowl, for example. If I were wagering $100 on the Eagles to win, I could use betstamp to help me decide where’s the BEST spot to place my bet. Right now, we’ve got:

PHI to win SB @ Fanduel - +2000
PHI to win SB @ bet365 - +2200
PHI to win SB @ Draftkings - +2200
PHI to win SB @ BetMGM - +2500 (BEST PRICE)

I could make an extra $300 on my $100 wager, just simply by searching for the best price in market. Lazy bettors continuously lose their bankrolls because they are not price sensitive. Stop being a lazy bettor - be a winner. Winning bettors price shop, get the best numbers, and in turn, churn positive expected value (EV) into dollars.

Furthermore, it is absolutely VITAL to shop season long futures. Look at how VASTLY prices can vary, book to book. I’m a Colts fan, so let’s RANDOMLY pick Matt Ryan MVP:

Ryan to win MVP @ Draftkings - +3500
Ryan to win MVP @ Fanduel - +4000
Ryan to win MVP @ Pointsbet - +5000
Ryan to win MVP @ bet365 - +8000 (!!!!)

AN EXTRA $3000++ dollars on a $100 wager, just by shopping around for the best price, using a futures comparison tool. INSANE. You would be crazy not to price shop, but ESPECIALLY with futures wagers, where book to book differences can be so large.

We know that betting season long futures can be tempting as the payout can be massive and it gives you a season long rooting interest. So why not get the best return possible on your investment? Use betstamp to shop the futures YOU want to bet for the NFL season.