It's not always easy to decide where to bet.
Here are some general pointers to guide you.

Starting Point

The sportsbook that is right for you really comes down to which aspects of a sportsbook you find valuable. Some customers are solely focused on the best lines, while others may value additional features such as the range of prop bets available, or the speed at which the odds are posted.

Regardless of what you may deem to be the most valuable feature of a sportsbook, we would argue that some of the most important traits of a sportsbook are reputation and trustworthiness. No matter how many bells and whistles your sportsbook may have, regardless of how great the odds may be, it doesn't mean anything if you don’t trust the sportsbook to pay you when you win. Luckily, regulated betting markets have taken away this fear for most bettors, but you can definitely feel completely at ease by selecting a sportsbook that is respected in market.

Before picking a sportsbook we would urge you to do some research by taking a look at our sportsbook reviews and potentially asking others you know if they have any experience with specific sportsbooks. Before signing up for a new book, you should feel confident to trust them with your personal information and that they have the best interests of the bettor at heart.

What Next?

The next aspect really depends on your preference. Here are some features that most bettors find valuable in their sportsbook:

  • new customer sign-up bonus
  • weekly promotions
  • the odds for games
  • the range of sports markets
  • mobile app
  • the speed at which odds are posted
  • the user-friendliness of the website
  • the max bet amount
  • the variety of deposit and withdrawal methods available
  • casino and horse racing options
  • customer service support
  • same-game parlay options

What are your betting habits? Which sports do you typically like to wager on? If you only dabble in the major U.S. sports, having a variety of sport markets available to you probably isn't valuable.

Do you consider yourself to be a knowledgeable bettor? Maybe you are successful at predicting line movements and obtaining closing line value. If this is the case, you may want to place your wagers as soon as they are posted. The greater the speed at which odds are posted by your book, the better.

One thing we should all be valuing is the ability to get the best odds possible. Why place a bet at -115 when you can get it at -110? Why take the Bills to win the Super Bowl at +650 when another book offers a better line at +800? Getting the best price possible is something all bettors find desirable.

When picking a new sportsbook, do some homework and find out which sportsbook offers the most appealing welcome bonus. This is one aspect where sportsbooks can greatly differ. Some books offer a deposit match bonus, while others may offer risk-free bets. Take a look at our Sportsbook Reviews, and decide which bonuses you find most appetizing.

Do you play many prop bets? If so, I’m sure you’d like to have more prop bets available to you. Some sportsbooks may offer more props than others, while some may let you place more money on each wager.

Customer service is another factor that we should all find value in. Being able to reach customer support at any time is something we can all find convenient. A 24/7 live support chat, or direct phone number seems obvious, but not all sportsbooks offer this service.

Do you value the max bet that a sportsbook offers? If you place smaller bets, this may not be a feature you are particularly interested in. But if you tend to place bets for higher stakes, the max bet which a book offers you is something you should consider. You may also want to consider if the sportsbook has a reputation for limiting winning bettors to smaller wagers.

Use Multiple Sportsbooks

Arguably the biggest characteristic of winning bettor is being price sensitive. You don't have to only wager at one sportsbook. In fact, you should be spreading your money across multiple sportsbooks if possible.

This allows you take advantage of multiple deposit bonuses instead of one. Sportsbooks have major marketing budgets to try to attract your business, so why not make them put their money to use by giving you some extra cash to play with out of the gate?

The Bottom Line

There are dozens of features that can separate sportsbooks from one another. Sit down and decide which factors you deem valuable. Read independent sportsbook reviews, and talk to your friends. Once you have established that your potential sportsbook is trustworthy, rank the other features and make a sound decision. Try to spread your money across multiple sportsbooks if possible and give yourself the best chance to win.