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Picks of the Day for MLB: August 02

By Stefan Luciani

Well today is a very exciting day in the baseball world there is no doubt about that.

This season’s trade deadline is fast approaching as the cutoff is officially just under 12 hours away – well at the time I’m writing this anyways, I’m not sure about all you sleeping beauties out there. Rub it in, why don’t you.

But of course that’s not the only thing to be excited about today. The fact that there are 16 games slated to go today is another big reason. Well why is that? Well everyday that there is even just one game, is an opportunity to make some money. That’s pretty exciting if you ask me.

So as we always try our best to do, let’s get Tuesday rolling with some wins.

But despite all the games that are scheduled today, there is one that I cannot take my eyes off of. The Newy York Yankees in their second game against the Seattle Mariners.

These two got their series going yesterday in the Bronx with a Yankees 7-2 win over Seattle. Now is anybody really shocked here? Probably not, the Yankees quite literally do not lose, it’s absurd. Now obviously that’s quite the hyperbole as we have seen the Yankees lose 34 times to be exact, to many different teams, so how can it be done?

Strong pitching is the key, and no disrespect to Marco Gonzales who got the start for Seattle yesterday, but they needed a little more than that. I would consider today’s starter Logan Gilbert more suited for the job. The second year Floridian is having himself quite the campaign boasting a 10-4 record with a 2.78 ERA. most definitely some favourable numbers. But of course it won’t be that easy against the Yankees.

The Yankees are juggernauts at home with a record of 41-13 as their powerhouse of an offensive lineup holds a collective .446 slugging percentage to lead all of Major League Baseball.

Now factor in the addition of Andrew Benintendi to the lineup and they have added a significantly better hitter to an already monstrous lineup.

But I’m feeling the underdog today folks as I am many times. Seattle is a far better team than their record may indicate and I believe they’re one that won’t back down to the big mean bullies of the Bronx. So for that simple reason (and well I obviously feel obligated to root against the Yankees) I’m going with the Mariners today.

Pick: Mariners ML (+144) at FanDuel

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