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Daily Picks for MLB: July 25

By Stefan Luciani

What a roll we have been on since returning from the break. Well, I mean two straight days of almost clean sweeps, but a win is a win right?

Friday’s Jays/Red Sox game was a nail biter though, I have to say I was sweating over that -1.5 late in that one. If only there was some way I could have known the Jays would put up 28 runs and win by 23. Could you just imagine the return on throwing even like $5 on -22.5? The dreaded if only I had known question. But, it’s a new day and new week so let’s keep the momentum going.

Taking a look at today’s slate of games today and to be completely honest, there isn't a ton that I love. There are some tight matchups between teams that aren't worth taking on either end due to the low return for a potentially high risk bet.

So what does that mean? What do we do?

We stick to our roots folks. We look for a game that the favourite should easily have in the bag, and hammer that runline. Scanning through the schedule and it looks like the Astros and A’s game is our winner.

Jake Odorizzi is on the mound for the ‘Stros who are coming off five straight wins since their return to action including a three-game sweep of the Mariners and double-header win over the Yankees. Odorizzi has been solid for Houston this year boasting a 4-2 record with a 3.56 ERA through 48 innings of work. But he has been even better over his last stretch of seven games going 4-0 with a 2.32 ERA and a very favourable WHIP of 0.87.

Now on the other end of things, the A's are going with rookie hurler Adam Oller who doesn’t, shall we say, have the most desirable resume to start his career. Through his five career starts Oller has posted an 0-3 record with an ERA of 8.56 allowing 26 runs on 35 hits…ouch. A WHIP of 1.98 is definitely less than ideal as well.

Now the Astros haven’t been the best hitting team by a longshot over their last few games. They’ve hit just .227 with a run differential of +6 over their last 10 which isn’t anything to write home about at all. But this is a team that always seems to get it done going 7-3 over that stretch with some wins against some powerful teams. A pitcher like Oller is exactly what the Astros need right now to have themselves an offensive night and get their bats back on track.

So, -1.5?

Oh no no no. we’re going to be reckless today folks. I’m feeling dangerous.

Pick: Astros runline -2.5 (+115) at BetMGM

Other Notable Picks:

Astros vs Athletics U8 (-104) at FanDuel: Now I know you’re probably confused by this one a bit since I did just talk about how I expect a good bounce back from the Astros and all. Here’s the thing though, I don’t think the A’s are going to produce very much at all tonight. I think this is going to be all Houston and I don't by any means think it’s going to be a massive blowout. I expect a 4-1 or 5-1 type win. Both our bets hit, and we’re all happy people. It’s that easy, right?

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