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MLB Picks: June 09

By Stefan Luciani

Well thank God we bet against the Angels on Monday because my goodness do they stink. So barring a Yankees-esque run, if anyone sees me betting on them again, I give you full permission to punch me directly in the face.

So to make sure I don’t do that, we’re steering clear entirely and we’re going to look at the National League. Because today ladies and gentlemen, we have a very exciting matchup between, *drumroll* the Arizona Diamondbacks and the Cincinnati Reds! Two of baseball’s least exciting teams are indeed going head to head for the fourth of a four-game set this afternoon. But as unexciting that may be, they still have to play and somebody still has to win. That means an opportunity to make some money folks. This series has been a shootout. 

The Reds won the first two with an aggregate of 21-8, but then D-Backs won yesterday 7-0. I smell a series split here guys. On top of the awesome matchup, we have what is sure to be a very underwhelming pitching battle as Arizona is going with Zach Davies (2-3, 4.18 ERA) as the Reds will counter with Tyler Mahles (2-5, 5.43 ERA). But lucky for us, Vegas has the Reds favoured here. To be honest with you, I just feel better about the team that’s 27-31 over the team that’s 20-36, but hey, that’s just me. No runline, no O/U today, we’re going straight moneyline. Give me the D-Backs! Something I don’t think I have ever said in my life. 

Pick: Diamondbacks ML @ +120 (LeoVegas) vs the Reds.

Other Notable Games:

Phillies ML @ +155 (theScoreBet) vs the Brewers: Okay I know this one is a little dicey. I’ve said it before, I have become a fan of the Brewers and really like the baseball they’re playing this year. I also just don’t love Philly. But this team has kind of looked reborn since the shuffling of skippers after firing Joe Girardi. Now I know this means they’re going for the sweep today, but honestly, something is telling me to take this. I just feel right about it.

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