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MLB Picks: May 30

By Stefan Luciani

So we went 1-for-2 yesterday, which considering the week we had last week, I’d say that’s honestly still a win in my books. So how about we start off Monday with a bang?

Now despite a decent slate of games, I must be honest and say they I don’t love many of the lines available, so we’ll keep this one short and sweet.

I really like what the Brewers have been doing this season and I have to say, they’ve been beneficial to my wallet so far. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it right? They’re taking on the not-so-great Cubs today at Wrigley and I really love the look of -1.5 @ +122 (Fan Duel) because this is an offence that continues to impress. They continue to dominate most pitching metrics although my only concern is the fact that they are giving the nod to a rookie making his MLB debut…oh well, never scared, let’s go Brew Crew. Pick: Brewers -1.5 @ +122 (FanDuel)

Other Notable Games:

Giants vs Phillies O9 @ -111 (LeoVegas): I mean this one to me is almost too easy (famous last words) check the stats, both teams have been involved in some seriously high scoring games consistently throughout the season. O9 should be a breeze. That’s all she wrote folks.

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