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UFC 276 Bet of the Night: July 01

Written by Cartichoke

Happy Canada Day everybody. I am not sure how old Canada is but however old Canada is, it is definitely past its prime alright.

You know what I want to do for this Canada Day weekend? Win some goddamn money okay. UFC 276 is this Saturday, and I cannot wait for it.

I finally received my first ever UFC betting loss last weekend, taking Tsaryukan ML, in which he lost via Decision. I did have the fight to go over 4.5 rounds, so I did cash a ticket that night.

For UFC 276, this card is pretty stacked, like the third fight on the prelims is like a #11 ranked vs a #10 ranked in the Middleweight division, which could very well be a Fight Night co-main fight.

But let’s move onto who we like this weekend. The fight that I am most excited about outside of the two title fights, or even the O'Malley, is Sean Strickland vs Alex Pereira. The winner of this fight will probably go on to fight for the belt, IF ADESANYA WINS. Because if Izzy loses, he gets that rematch no doubt, but if he wins he fights the winner of Strickland vs Pereira.

Whoever does win that fight, it will be a great leadup to the fight vs Adesanya. Because, we have Alex Pereira who actually beat Adesanya TWICE in kickboxing. The first time he won a decision, and then in the rematch he knocked Adesanya out. Just absolutely mind blowing. Thinking someone (other than Jan, we try and forget that fight) actually beat Adesanya.

But if Strickland wins this fight, the banter between the two will be off the roof, they are not even fighting each other but at the Press Conference yesterday it seemed like they were. Strickland was giving Izzy everything he got.

So the UFC definitely wants Izzy to retain the title, and Pereira to win his fight so they could have that huge fight that everyone will tune into watch. This is why I will take Sean Strickland to win this fight. It is the UFC we are talking about here, dream scenario fights just don’t happen. Like in 2020 when Tony was supposed to fight Khabib for the sixth time, he took a fight against Gaethje for no reason really because he had the title fight, so he fought Gaethje and lost and now we will never see Khabib vs Tony.

Also, I do really like Strickland as a fighter too, he is kind of a boring fighter, but he is tough as nails and is currently on a 6-fight win streak, while this will be Pereira’s third UFC bout. It’s crazy to me that Strickland is an underdog, so hopefully the dogs are barking Saturday night.

Pick: Sean Strickland ML +100 on Bet365 and give me Strickland to win via SUB +900 on UniBet


I’ll see you at the top.

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