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NBA Play of the Day: June 20, 2022

By Lior Lampert

Now that the 2021-2022 NBA season has ended just a few short days ago, it’s time to take a dive into 2022-2023. Obviously, there will be plenty of moving parts and offseason drama between now and the beginning of next season. But, this is a chance to make a way-too-early prediction for the upcoming season with the hopes of circling back to this post one year from now. Can the Warriors Repeat? How will Boston respond to their Finals loss? Can Nikola Jokic become the first ever NBA player to win the league’s MVP Award in three consecutive seasons? These are some of the biggest storylines headed into next season.

Personally, I believe next year will be the year of Luka Doncic (if every year of his NBA career hasn’t already been the year of Luka Doncic). Doncic is coming off a fifth-place finish in this past season’s MVP race, and that was with him getting off to a slow start to the campaign (by his standards). Similarly, to the 2020-2021 season, it took the Mavericks superstar some time before he really got going. But once he did, it was all systems go and the Mavericks became a team that no one wanted to face come playoff time.

Dallas has hit the ground running to start this offseason: recently acquiring Forward/Center Christian Wood from the Houston Rockets in a trade. Wood is a guy who can give you 20+ points with 10+ rebounds on any given night and he is one of the best 3-point shooting big men in basketball. Although Wood will serve as much-needed help for Doncic, I fully expect the Mavericks to continue to load-up around and surround him with as much help as he can get. Including re-signing Jalen Brunson after he had an outstanding postseason performance this year.

The roster upgrades may hurt Doncic’s stats from a scoring perspective, but it will most definitely help him both from an efficiency and winning perspective: 2 key factors in determining who will be the league’s most valuable player next season. According to, Doncic is tied with Joel Embiid as the co-favorite to win next year’s MVP award via FanDuel Sportsbook. Although, there is an old saying in the sports world: the best ability is availability. Embiid’s inability to stay healthy throughout his career makes Doncic the safer bet if you are going to play either of these two at their current market.

We all know Luka Doncic is capable of filling up the box score in a hurry – but can he take that next step as the leader of his franchise? If Luka and the Mavericks can avoid yet another sluggish start to the season, I strongly believe that we won’t be able to find odds as good as +550 on Doncic to win MVP on any sportsbook for the remainder of the season. Doncic is already one of the biggest names and faces in the league at just 23 years old, and I expect his spotlight to continue to grow. An international player has won the NBA’s MVP award each of the past four seasons, and that is a trend I expect to continue in 2022-2023.

My Pick: Luka Doncic 2022-23 NBA MVP Award Winner +550 (Via BetMGM)

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