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AFC North Betting Preview: August 24

By Michael Spiegel

Today’s article focuses on the AFC North, the division that hosted one of the best stories in football in the Cincinnati Bengals. Will the Bengals defend their division title, or will someone knock them off their pedestal?


AFC North Preview

  1. Pittsburgh Steelers (+1000 to win AFC North @DraftKings)

Entering his sixteenth season with the Steelers, Mike Tomlin has never finished the season below .500. This year could be different. For the first time, Tomlin will coach the Steelers without Ben Roethlisberger controlling the offense. There’s a reason why the Steelers are pegged to finish last in the AFC North this year. Former second overall pick, Mitch Trubisky, looks to be getting the nod as the starter for the Steelers to start the season, however, things may change. The Quarterback situation in Pittsburgh will be interesting to watch this season and it seems like it could determine whether or not they surpass expectations. That Quarterback role isn’t going to be any easier with one of the lowest-ranked offensive lines in front of whoever gets the starting job. The Steelers are sitting at an over/under of 7.5 wins this year, and I think they don’t come close to that number at this rate. It looks like Mike Tomlin is in for his first losing season as head coach of the Steelers.

  1. Cleveland Browns (+450 to win AFC North @BetRivers)

As of right now, it looks like Jacoby Brissett will start as the QB for the Browns unless something else changes. With Deshaun Watson serving his suspension, the Browns will have to figure out who can run the offense. The good news: the Browns have one of the best offensive lines in football. The bad news: they don’t have too many great options to fill Watson’s role. It will be interesting to see what happens with the Browns as they hope to improve their offense this season after it held them back last year. The Browns' defense played very well last year land it will have to step their game up even more if the Browns hope to improve upon an 8-9 season.

  1. Baltimore Ravens (+145 to win AFC North @FanDuel)

Lamar Jackson and the Ravens are the current favorites to win the AFC North. I don’t know how I feel about that considering an 8-9 season last year, and a brutal six-game losing streak to finish the 2021 season. That just shows how crucial Lamar Jackson is to the Ravens' offense and how ineffective they are without him. If Jackson stays healthy this year, they will be in the running for the division, but if anything happens to him it could be a disaster year for the Ravens. The Ravens have all their faith in Jackson, and that’s not the worst thing given his superstar abilities. The Ravens sit at an over/under of 9.5 wins which I think they’ll easily hit.

  1. Cincinnati Bengals (+170 to win AFC North @bet365)

Will the Bengals continue to build off of their Cinderella season of last year or will they find themselves feeling the effects of being the Super Bowl finalist? In any case, the Bengals and Joe Burrow had a phenomenal season last year and rather than sit still and admire themselves, they’ll be hoping to get to the Super Bowl yet again and hope to win it this time. The Bengals improved their offensive line this offseason, something that was a weakness for them last year. Most notably, they went out and acquired La’el Collins who they hope can bolster the right side of that offensive line. The Bengals currently sit at an over/under of 10 wins and I’d be surprised if they don’t get to that. Coming off of a 10-7 season last year, I think they’ll improve upon that and be an even bigger force in the AFC this year. Despite having the second-best odds, I think the Bengals will come out on top in the AFC North this year.

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