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NFL Preview: 2023 NFL Draft Market - July 17

By Lior Lampert

It is only natural that we look ahead to the 2023 NFL offseason before the 2022-23 season has even begun. With that being said, let’s take an early look into the 2023 NFL Draft market: is there anyone worth betting to be taken with the number one overall pick this far in advance?

Personally, I believe it is a tough sell to try and play the 2023 NFL Draft market this far before the draft. There are too many variables that play a factor in determining a respective player’s draft position to the point where I feel it is best to wait until a prospect has their workouts and/or participates in the NFL Scouting Combine. First, the draft order has an impact on where a player can potentially end up: if you do not fit the scheme of a coaching staff or a positional need, there is less of a chance you will get drafted by said team. Next, injuries are sadly a part of the game, and if a player were to get injured between now and the 2023 Draft it would likely impact their draft stock.

Next, this market is one that is dictated by the quarterback position: we have seen 16 QBs selected first overall since 2000. Fittingly, the two favourites to hear their name called first on draft night in 2023 are quarterbacks – Ohio State’s C.J. Stroud (+200 odds via bet365) and Alabama’s Bryce Young (+250 odds via bet365). There is simply just not enough value in riding either of those two options this prematurely when they’re this heavily favoured. In fact, I think there is a possibility we see at least one of their betting odds increase throughout the duration of the 2022-23 NCAA Football season.

There are multiple teams who could be in search of a new quarterback after next season with a realistic shot at earning the number one overall pick. Teams such as the Seattle Seahawks, Houston Texans, New York Giants, Detroit Lions and the Carolina Panthers are all teams who are expected to struggle this season and all have quarterbacks who are potentially facing make-or-break seasons. Both quarterbacks are extremely talented and barring injury, there is a good chance we hear one of their names called first on draft night in 2023. Sportsbooks are recognizing that as well and paying these soon-to-be NFL prospects their respect by giving them such short odds in this market. As a result, this is an easy future to stay away from until we get closer to the 2023 NFL Draft. For the time being, let’s relax and enjoy the exciting 2022-23 season that lies ahead of us.

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