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U.S. Open Tennis Men's Tournament Preview

By Adam Ortega

Mon, August 29, 2022, through Sun, September 11, 2022

One of the year's biggest tournaments is right around the corner as the best men's players in the world convene in New York City to play for the right to hoist one of the most coveted grand slam trophies. Lots of big names are in the mix. However, one significant name, Novak Djokovic, will be absent from the tournament due to COVID Vaccine regulations in the United States. Without Djokovic, this opens up the draw and allows for new players to be king of New York.

One player on which I have been tracking results most recently on is Nick Kygrios. Nick recently won the trophy in Washington D.C. He did struggle a bit in Montreal and Cincinnati. However, remember that Kygrios has played an extensive summer schedule, and it did seem to catch up to him. I expect Kyrgrios to be fit and ready to go for the U.S. Open, as he has arrived a week early in New York to rest and prepare for the upcoming fortnight.

Another name to look out for in New York is Daniil Medvedev. Although there are players that can give him trouble, the hardcourts are where Medvedev thrives. His ability to get to tennis balls and hit through the court makes him a very tough out, especially in a best-of-five-set scenario. Rafa Nadal may eventually be across the net from Medvedev but expect Daniil to prevail. Personally, for me, I have to make Medvedev my pick to take home the trophy at the end of the two weeks.

Other than Medvedev and Kygrios, there is a name that would be wise to keep your eye on. Rafa Nadal has to be on the top of the list. I don't think he will ultimately win the tournament because of his recent injuries (foot, rib). Although Nadal's rib injury may be healed, his nagging foot injury will be challenging to overcome on the hot hard court surface in New York.

One of the most exciting two weeks of the year is upon us. Grand Slam events are significant, but don't fall into the trap of going all in on one tournament. My recommendation for you is to slowly start gathering knowledge about players that provide excellent value to bet on in future tournaments. Best of luck on your wagers and have a wonderful time enjoying two weeks of great tennis!

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