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September 4, 2022: US.Open Best Bets

By Adam Ortega

We are in the thick of the U.S. Open as we arrive to the first Sunday of this grand slam tournament. This particular matchup of Nick Kygrios and Daniil Medvedev has left many tennis fans clamoring for a tennis classic. The main concern as it relates to Kygrios is whether he can maintain his composure as he did during his run to the Wimbledon final.

Tennis fans should be aware that Kygrios has had as much success as anyone on tour against Medvedev, as he has won three out of four matchups. The only difference in this matchup is that this is in a grand slam tournament, best-of-five set match scenario.

Kygrios is no stranger to drama on and off the court. His talent is something that has never been in question. The only question for one of the most talented players on tour is where he is from a mental standpoint. Most recently, Kygrios has been in a better spot due to the happiness he found off the court with his current girlfriend, Costeen Hatzi. Remarkably, this is one of the main factors propelling Kygrios to one of the best summers of his career.

Medvedev is gifted with physical abilities in his length that help him reach tennis balls that other players cannot. However, as previously noted, he is still trying to solve the puzzle that is Nick Kygrios. What bodes well for Medvedev is that this is a best-of-five set match. Should Medvedev struggle early, this format gives him time to find his form. This tennis match is a situation in which the longer the tennis match may go, the better this is for Medvedev. In addition, it also gives Kygrios many chances to break down mentally on-court, allowing Medvedev to close the door on this match and advance.

There are many paths in which this tennis match can turn. However, I will ride with the underdog Kygrios regardless of being a best-of-five set match. Kygrios seems to have things rolling, and getting him at plus money against an opponent he's found success against is not a situation you should ever shy away from. Thank you for your continued support!

PICK: Nick Kygrios +152 (CoolBet Sportsbook)

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